Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Writing to discover...

I love writing. I need to remind myself of this after spending several hours on technical academic writing, because for better or worse this type of writing is devoid of some of the authentic spark that I find the most exciting about the art of writing. Perhaps it is particularly challenging for a former want-to-be creative writing major and real world theater geek and closet poet to be forced into restrictive writing boxes. I truly love writing authentically and meaningfully. I am a self-proclaimed renaissance woman, a scholar in the big picture sense of the word. I seek to find connections between various domains and various contexts. I am a seeker of truth and higher understanding of the world around me. In order to communicate this knowledge with others in my chosen profession I must write in a strict formulaic fashion that I am bound and determined to accept with grace and gratitude, but some days I need to vent a bit about the confines of such a box. The voices of scholars in today's society are often over shadowed by far less informed voices in the mass media and in the broader digital media world. It is important that the informed and hopefully thoughtful voices of the scholars be heard authentically and clearly by the masses. We must be the loudest and most informed voices in order to counter-act the potential for scientific and artistic experts to be silenced by the din of the screaming radio hosts. So here in this blog and as much as I can as a scholar and citizen I want to work on having my voice heard in the discussions critical to my work and my life.

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