Monday, September 20, 2010


So sometimes I have to go into very dark places in my psyche in order to find clarity and make real progress. Perhaps out of a sense of perfectionism or a sense of general anxiety some of us need to enter the darkness of what if...and face the reality that the worst case scenario would not after all be the end of the world. Having to re-write something from the ground up is not the most terrible fate of anyone on the earth, it just can feel that way at times. Now instead of getting bogged down in the potential mental health implications of this phenomenon, I want to look at some of the potential benefits of such a process. By facing our fears and entering these dark places we are able to find clarity on our given situation and often regain perspective in general. The Yin and Yang of the universe dictate to us that their is always light and dark in any situation and in every day on earth. It is often in the dark hours that we are most motivated to seek out connection, the most willing to ask for help, and the most open to the synchronicity that the universe has to offer. I have confronted this in many circumstances in the past year of my life and I have finally come to a place of deep reflection about this phenomenon. In the past I might have been sucked down into a cycle of anxiety and doomsday thinking when waters in my life got a bit dark or rough, but life has offered me some beautiful opportunities to have support and a need to walk through (or swim through) the dark waters and find that there was in deed a rainbow at the other side that is often more colorful and dynamic then I could have possibly imagined. Rainbows are a great metaphor for what I am trying to get at, you need the water of the rain and the light of the sunshine in order to create a rainbow. The more the rain and sunshine are able to merge together the brighter and clearer the rainbow is to our perception. So instead of running away from the rain we find on the darkest hours of our lives sometimes walking into the rain allows us to see the rainbow that life has to offer. The rain is still wet, the night is still dark, but the possibility of literally finding a silver lining if we are willing to face the darkness is phenomenal. This lessons has come to me in many forms and in many places in my life, I just finally feel like I get it and the deeper spiritual purpose in it. We live in interesting times and this can be a curse as the ancient Chinese cure goes, or it can be an incredible blessing.

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